Presently speaking, I consider myself a Witch, a Shaman, Magician, a healer of all sorts, an Oracle, Sorceress and so many other things. Let’s not get swept away on titles just yet. In saying this, we are all working on healing through one aspect or another in some area of our life. At times we really think we are putting in the work but end up seeing little to no results, or even find our wave and end up hitting a dead end wall like, what the hell just happened? Well, I’m about to be your push from the universe with my professional and relaxed, yet tastefully straight forward, spiritual counseling sessions. We often need to do more than just scratch the surface and embrace only love and light. Sometimes it’s necessary to dig deep (internally) and go dark (visiting your authentic self).

So, if your looking to get a reading and wanting to place blame on anyone but yourself for whatever the predicament may be, however enormous or however minute it may be, I am NOT the Spiritual Counselor for you. I fully believe that we have full and complete control over whatever circumstances in which we find ourselves in life. Scary, right? Lol. Well, I find it to be true, and in doing so I want others to take from my sessions enlightenment, and some form of empowerment and internal liberation. So, if you desire to engage and connect with me fully and honestly, reach out and I look forward to communing with you. Lets just be who we really are.    


Get just the amount of time you need – whether it’s a couple of quick questions or several in-depth questions.


I offer flexible scheduling and will work with you to find a time that works for both of us , once your session is booked you will receive an email from me where we can align a time and day for your session. All of my sessions are via Phone, unless you prefer email, or messenger.

I prefer Live sessions and pride myself on this for a multitude of reasons. Heres a few.

  • Live readings are more personal and fully customized to meet your unique needs and situation.
  • Live readings allow for more in-depth readings that can cover many areas at once.
  • Live readings give clients the opportunity to ask clarification questions, as needed.
  • Live readings allow me a deeper connection with clients, giving me the opportunity to share additional intuitive insights as they come to me.